From the vineyard to the cellar…

At each step of the all wine making process, we work as to respect our terroir, our vines and our grapes in order to produce wines of great purity, characteristic of Chablis wines:

  • In the vineyard: plowing, organic fertilizers, zero pesticide in our soil since 2004, and above all the daily work of our team to take care of the vines and prevent diseases. 
  • A 100% manual harvesting and selected grapes before pressing.
  • Vinification made with natural yeasts only, and controlled use of oak barrels combined with stainless steel tanks in order to get the best expression from each wine.

We apply a global yield management policy as we look for the best concentration for each grape and the best expression of our terroirs in our wines. 

All our equipment in the cellar has been thought to allow a separated vinification of our parcels. 

Since 2005, the natural evolution of our cultural methods led us to the conversion to organic agriculture for the entire vineyard. We have been certified by Ecocert with the 2013 vintage.  

Each year is a new challenge! but each year comforts us in our choice!

Growing our land respecting and protecting the environment is not only necessary, it is just obvious.