Functional and modern facilities

The Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils is settled in the heart of Chablis since 2001, near by the Grands Crus, in very functional and modern facilities : an entirely air-conditionned 1500 m2 place gathering all our vineyard equipment, fermenting room, bottling, labeling and wine storage. 

We also have an old 17th century vault in the center of Chablis, « la Grange aux Dîmes”. Our logo representing the Statue of Saint Martin can be seen in front of the church facing our “Grange”. 

The fermenting room 

Our vinification process is made in respect of the quality of our terroir, our vines and our grapes to get the best expression from them. 

  • Small trailers to carry the harvest with a system of vibration to take the grapes out in order to avoid any pre-oxidation before pressing. 
  • Sorting table: we sort our harvest by hand to get rid of leaves, green or rotten grapes
  • Pneumatic press for a smooth and delicate pressing. 
  • From 5 to 50 hectoliter tanks which allow us to vinify small volumes and parcel by parcel.