News 2023

May 2023

Since our last news in October 2022, all our 2021 have been bottled, our Grand Cru at the end of January and the wines are showing very well . The only problem is the very small crop, minus 60 to 65 %.

This 2023 year had a nice start up to now, we went through winter without any big frost and we are having a nice amount of rain compared to other regions of France.

At the moment we’ve decided to take out our frost protection, according to the long term weather forecast. The bud break is superb but there is a long way before harvest! 

We’ve just bottled a small amount of Chablis and Ier Cru Vaillon 2022, the rest will be done in fall and our grand Cru probably in January 2024.

Our impressions of the 2022 vintage confirm our first judgment: very typical Chablis with a nice balance between acidity and degree that we should enjoy in the next few years!

First Biodynamique treatment in Les Clos “Clos des Hospices “


We decided to change part of our frost protection in our Grand Cru Les Clos with electric wires , and this gives us complete satisfaction, with the bonus of less work and less pollution.

So now let’s cross our fingers to another good year to rebuild our stock and give you complete satisfaction.