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September 2017

We had a fairly cool but also cold winter in January. In April between the 19th and the 26th we had 7 days of frost where the temperature went down between -2 and -5 C in certain areas of Chablis. We did protect our Grand cru and 2 Parcells of Ier Cru, but even if the buds did not freeze the grapes inside suffered from the cold nights. This was the raison for the small yield in our Grand Cru.

The flowering was done at the beginning of June with nice weather condition.

The summer globally was warm and dry and our vineyard under Ecocert organic certification did stay in a super sanitary condition.

We started our hand picking harvest on September 4th and it was done in very good condition.

The result in term of quantity are satisfying for our Premier Cru Vaillon but very disappointing in general for our Grand cru.

In term of quality when you actually look at the quality of the grapes we picked, it will very hard to make a bad wine!!

But as we like to say …time will tell.

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