News 2022

October 2022

In June our flowering was nicely done, following the April frost. In some of our vines the second bud gave us a certain amount of grapes, which was a good surprise in comparison with 2021.

We had nice months of June, July and August, even though it was sometimes very hot, we had enough rain to compensate. A the end of June, this rain avoided a high hydric stress for the vine.

In the middle of August we started to analyse our different parcels and decided to begin our harvest on September 1st for ten days. It was done under good conditions despite a hig heat at the begining and a few rainy nights, the days remained dry.

We can confirm a great vintage in terms of quality, with a quantity between 50 to 54hl par hectare. The fermentation is moving slowly, and by tasting the must we can already feel the fruit and some great aromas.

We are currently with our Chablis and 1er Cru Vaillon 2021, the Grand Cru will be bottled at the beginning of 2023.

June 2022

Since our last news in November we can confirm that we lost between 50 to 60 % of our crop in our 2021 vintage.

After a normal winter, we had 2 nights of frost in the first week of April, and some damages in our Petit Chablis, Chablis and 2 parcels of Vaillon. The rest of the Domaine was well protected with our candles and our new protection: an electric wire in Clos des Hospices.

At the moment we are still with our 2020, which is in our opinion a super vintage, with a good balance between acidity and alcohol degree.

We will bottle a small amount of Chablis 2021 and some Vaillon at the end of June and the rest in the fall.

Our main problem right now is to get supply of bottles, capsules and all dry good, as the prices are going crazy, with an increase between 20 to 25% !

Since February we are traveling again and we have many visitors from around the world coming to the Domaine.

Right now the vineyards are in great sanitary condition and the flowering period is nearly over, meaning an early harvest expected at the begining of September. The only thing who might now jeopardize the crop is hail,..let’s cross our fingers !

Different visits from around the World